Patricia Meyerowitz
Patricia Meyerowitz


'Anyone can have an opinion about what music is or is not, about what writing is or is not, about what painting is or is not, about what sculpture is or is not and anyone can be right or wrong. But when you are involved making any of it, an opinion is not enough.  You have to find a way of proceeding that will lead you on.  You have to believe in what you are doing and you have to be learning new things in the proceeding. If not why do it.  My way is all of this.  It is not the only way.  It is one way.'


Patricia Meyerowitz, 1968


This purpose of this website is to provide information on the life and work of Patricia Meyerowtiz.  Please browse the site and if you have any pieces of Patricia's jewelllery and would like to have your piece on the site, please contact us.  Thank you for visiting this page.

Exhibition of work by Patricia Meyerowitz

Plymouth College of Art

14th October - 12th December 2015

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